2019 has started!!

We made our first stop on our tour list at MainStage Morgantown on March 1st.

'Mad Love' will take over your heart and souls.. Don't worry we may give them back...

Our second stop on our 'Mad Love' tour was for the HOPE Inc event 'Girls Night Out'

Putting on a show that embraces women empowerment, equal rights, and feminists everywhere made it a night of high energy and unity!.. 

April 5th through the 7th, we were in Pittsburgh, PA for Pittsburgh Fringe Festival 2019!  Our weekend was full of adventure and enchanting moments that gave us a sense of why we do what we do. Being in and around all the art forms was truly amazing!  


  We had two dance workshops."Dance Gallery" with Anna Harsh and Allegro dance Company was presented on Saturday and "Percussive Unity" was presented on Sunday. We also had two showings of our award winning "Mad Love" production - Saturday at the Irma Freeman Center for Imagination and Sunday at The Ace Hotel Ballroom.


  We received the 'Spirit of The Fringe' award while in Pittsburgh.. we couldn't be more honored, humbled, and blessed to have received this award and for our art to be recognized and celebrated.

Our fifth stop was at Smokin' Jack's in Morgantown, WV on April 20th.  This show was more casual and laid back that everyone was super "relaxed" wink wink..

The show was intriguing, spontaneous, and enlightening in all ways..  

Also, We were celebrating our One year together as Ignite Entertainment Variety Show!

May 11th was very odd and curious...

We did not one, not two, but three shows here at the Oddities & Curiosities Expo in Columbus, OH.

We celebrated what makes us, Us.. With over 200 vendors and thousands of people all around, it truly was a sight to see and experience to be a part of such amazing artists and like minded individuals..

The Oddities & Curiosities Expo still have places coming up! Check them out on Facebook and find a city near you because it is an experience of a lifetime!!

Saturday, June 8th 2019 

We returned back to where it all began..

Vice Versa in Morgantown, WV!!

Celebrating Papa Bears Bday

and PRIDE!

This truly was a show of epic proportions. The crowd was amazing and loved every second!

We put 'Unity' in community by bringing together all walks of life. We love you all!!

We love coming back to Vice because it is where our family is fully accepted of who we are and what we love to do.. Perform!

This was our last "Mad Love" show. And let me tell you we went out with a BANG!! 




© 2019 Ignite Entertainment Variety Show

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